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    ACTION'S goal is to ensure our customers' competitiveness in the global economy. We achieve this with state-of-the-art, precision equipment through which we continuously improve the manufacturability and quality of your products. Live personal service is the cornerstone of our focus on YOU our most important asset.   ACTION it's not just a name, but the way we do Business!   



     Allendale Machinery Systems Inc. is a distributor for Haas Automation, the largest machine tool builder in the United States. Haas Automation manufactures a full line of CNC vertical and horizontal machining centers, CNC lathes, rotary tables, mini mills, super mini mills and 5C indexers. Haas machine tools and rotary products are built to deliver high accuracy, repeatability and durability.



    AUSCO is an engineering driven manufacturer of miniature fluid control components and systems for high value, performance critical applications.

    AUSCO offers a spectrum of solutions from cost effective Standard Products, Build to Specification Products, and Manifold Solutions for all fluid systems, including:

    Hydraulics • Fuels • Lube Oil • Coolants • Water • Pneumatics  


    Your future in composites starts here!  The demand for products utilizing composite materials such as carbon fiber, fiberglass and aramid is growing exponentially. Competing in today's brave new world of Advanced Composite Manufacturing requires vision and expertise as well as a trained workforce. And no center or resource assists in the reengineering of present-day manufacturing methodologies to secure the future more than CPC, the Composite Prototyping Center.


     We embrace the toughest challenges with our passion to explore the limits of our innovation and creativity. Valves that never leak. Pumps that never fail. Motors that never seize. These are the kinds of solutions the customers of Curtiss-Wright Flow Control require. Solutions of unrivaled quality and reliability. Solutions that enable new levels of safety, efficiency and confidence. Solutions that transform their businesses. For more details on how we are engineering transformation, see our capabilities brochure. 


     L3    Electronic Systems for Government and Military:  Sensor, Communications, Aerospace, Electronics, 

    PRECIPART  Precipart is a global company engaged in the engineering, design and manufacture of high precision custom solutions. We provide mechanical components, assemblies, gears and motion control solutions to the most recognized names in the medical, aerospace and industrial markets. With offices in Switzerland, the U.S., U.K. and India, we have over 240 employees dedicated to enhancing lives through innovative solutions. 



      Since its founding in 1933, Telephonics has evolved from a manufacturer of audio headsets to an advanced-technology leader, widely recognized for highly sophisticated surveillance, communications, analysis and integration solutions. Telephonics' systems are deployed across a wide range of land, sea and air applications, providing our aerospace, defense and commercial customers with a distinct tactical advantage while helping to ensure the safety and security of military personnel and civilians worldwide. We continue to expand our business globally, including a joint venture, Mahindra Telephonics Integrated Systems, with Mahindra Defense Systems in India 



    Precision.. In Design, In Manufacturing, In Process

    From material selection through delivery, Thuro value engineers every part of the process to ensure the world’s most precise parts at the lowest total cost delivered exactly when you need them. That’s why our customers not only rely on us for their precision parts, but count on us as trusted partners. 

    At Thuro, its not just the part… it’s the partnership. 


    is the leading professional association for supply chain and operations management   


    CLIMB is a professional association of dedicated manufacturing leaders!  Thomas Hicks,


     Since the beginning of recorded history, humans have pursued the dream of flight. Over the course of decades, experimenters, some of them Long Islanders, solved the basic problems of an aircraft’s shape, source of propulsion and means of control.


    Long Island STEM Hub Summit in alliance with Long Island STEP/CSTEP will continue to inspire K-12, higher education, business and industry in exploring innovation to strengthen STEM teaching and learning in the 21st century.         



     MCL is going to be a coordinated effort to highlight our regions' strengths and capabilities on a global scale - drive usiness to Long Isalnd, engage our currect and future workforce and bring to light the amazing products and services offered by Long Islanders."

    WDI  Workforce Enrichment, Development, and Support